Getting Started Workshops

since 2005

Workshop and Training For Catering

Your Own Wood-Fired Oven Catering Business

We hosted our first Getting Started workshop in 2009. 5 years later, we taught hundreds of people a method of starting this business that eliminates the most common unforeseen mistakes a lot of businesses make within their first few years. Better yet, you benefit from the experience of the most up to date caterers and concession foodies that continue to support one another after the workshop.

This workshop is designed to walk you through all of the stages of starting your own wood-fired pizza oven catering business. You will learn specific preparation and cooking techniques used in the catering business as well as how to take your hobby and create a business strategy around it. Practice using the equipment and techniques proven for success in the mobile pizza catering business and receive advice from professionals in the field. Real mobile caterers from across the US will teach you how to take your passion for pie and turn it into a successful business strategy.  No previous experience necessary. If you are advanced consider attending our optional culinary intensive.

Together with like-minded, pizza-loving people, learn dough making, hands-on oven training, business operations and marketing strategy.

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